Tactic wing center stabilizer (pair)
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Tactic wing center stabilizer (pair)

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Further enhance the wings stability with the optional LFR center stabilizer. The center stabilizer or divider has quickly become a growing trend over that last year for both 1:10 and 1:8 wings. October 2016 was the first introduction by LFR to the idea for 1:10. We adapted the same design from our 1:8 Lexan Hammer wing; then carried it over to our existing 1:10 Hammer wing. It proved to be a sought after success, and the rest is history.  Adding the center stabilizer is the perfect tuning option for high speed straights and sweeping turns; the center stabilizer will help lock in the rear of you car for more precise handling. Like it's 1:8 predecessor, the back of the stabilizer matches the rear of the wing for ease of fitment; while providing unmatched durability, looks, and performance. Includes two per package. Additional triming may be needed for cars with narrow rear shock towers.