LFR weight reduction kit for Tekno EB48SL
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LFR weight reduction kit for Tekno EB48SL

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  • Item #: LFR100005eSL
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Drop more weight with the LFR weight reduction kit for the Tekno EB48SL! LFR started the weight loss program by creating a thinner and lighter weight Assassin body specialy designed for the SL. Next, get the full effect of the weight reduction by replacing the stock wing with the new Hammer wing. These two changes give a total weight loss of up to 55 grams. After the install of the kit you will immediately notice a quicker, more responsive handling car. The benefit will speak for it self when you start shaving lap times. The LFR weight reduction kit comes with the all new light weight Assassin body and two hammer wings. Window masks provided. Made in the USA by Leadfinger.