Assassin body (clear) for SWORKz S350 EVO II
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Assassin body (clear) for SWORKz S350 EVO II

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  • Item #: LFRN2010
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Leadfinger is proud to announce the latest addition to their Assassin line of bodies for the SWORKz S350 EVO II and Limited!

  With continuing success on previous platforms,  LFR is ready to arm the SWORKz 350 EVO II platform with the Assassin body!  The new design kills it with form and function by giving the EVO deadly down force and Assassinates the competition with better cornering and rear traction. The clear body comes ready for paint and is made from thicker lexan for the outstanding durability.  The clear protective film makes drawing your paint scheme easy to see. Window masks and Leadfinger stickers provided.