Assassin body (clear) for AE B44.3 w/Pre-cut Tactic option x2
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Assassin body (clear) for AE B44.3 w/Pre-cut Tactic option x2

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Leadfinger Racing continues there assault on the track with the newly designed body for the B44.3

Creating a high performance body for 1:10 4wd cars has been on our radar for some time. We've decided to start our assault with the B44 platform to show Leadfinger's diligence and quality. The fit and finish speaks for itself and shows the time takes to get the job done. Working off of our current 1:8 scale ideas has helped to cross over the signature Assassin look.  The cab forward design flows seamlessly back onto the rear swoop providing an even distribution of down force to the entire car. The rails on the swoop provide additional stability for high speed with out sacrificing performance on tighter more technical tracks.  Raised side scoops have been added and can be cut out for venting to keep your electronics running cool. The body is made of lexan for durability and comes with clear masking for laying down your paint scheme. All Leadfinger products are manufactured in house with materials proudly made in the USA.