Assassin body (clear) for 8IGHTe 4.0 buggy
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Assassin body (clear) for 8IGHTe 4.0 buggy

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Leadfinger Racing is proud to announce the new Assassin body for the TLR 4.0 electric buggy. The all new design complements the TLR with great looks, outstanding performance and un- matched durability. Let's face it. A great paint job can be expensive. After rigorous testing the LFR body proved to hold up better and protect your investment longer. The nose cone has been completely eliminated allowing more material to be mounted around the post to prevent breaking. Premature cracking is also prevented by using thicker lexan throughout the entire body.
For looks we have added the traditional Assassin rear swoop design and widened the overall cab, creating just the right amount of down force and giving the car a more planted feel. The Assassin speaks for itself, and is now ready for you to take control of the competition!

*New updated design
*Traditional Assassin styling
*Thinker lexan
*Longer durability
*Comes in clear
*Easy to peal protective film
*Made in the USA