A2 Tactic body (clear) for XRay XB2 18/19
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A2 Tactic body (clear) for XRay XB2 18/19

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The A2 Tactic body for the XRay XB2 is the start of a new line of 2wd bodies from Leadfinger Racing in 2019. Working with key features from their previous line of 1:8 bodies, and transferring ideas to the 2wd platform, yields a product that LFR customers have been waiting for.

  Like the A2 Tactic bodies before it, the XB2 body has an added roof vent that allows for better cooling for today's sensitive electronics. Running cooler has it's advantages and feeding cool air directly over the power house is a welcomed upgrade. Behind that, LFR has designed a top fin that joins into a rear swoop for added stability and increased rear down force. The combination of the two help give the XRay XB2 a balanced and precise feel during mid corner rotation and on power exit.

  The all new nose scoop for the XB2 has been designed specifically for the 18' and 19' Xray models. The scoop is designed to enhance steering and jumping capabilities to the front of the car. LFR has designed the scoop to not only be an effective advantage, but also finish off the XB2 with a much cleaner over all aggressive look.

 A2 Tactic body sold in clear ready for paint, 2 pre cut Tactic wings included. Stickers and window masks are provided. Nose scoop sold separately.

* Ground up A2 design
* Fits both XB218 and 19 models
* Roof vent for added cooling
* Top fin and rear swoop for stability
* One of a kind nose scoop for the XB2
* Clean and aggressive look 
* Includes two pre cut Tactic wings