A2 Tactic body (clear) for Serpent SRX8 nitro buggy
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A2 Tactic body (clear) for Serpent SRX8 nitro buggy

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Leadfinger Racing releases all new A2 Tactic body for the Serpent SRX8 nitro buggy!

The new A2 body for the Serpent SRX8 is a drop fit lid, that combines sleek looks while providing high performance for today's challenging off road surfaces. The all new A2 design has been created to be a 2nd option to the original Assassin body that reduces overall down force of the car. Perfect for when tracks come up in traction. The cab of the body has been widened with less rake to the windshield, while keeping the traditional Assassin look. The rear swoop behind the cab has been smoothed out and lowered to alleviate down force.  The new low profile side pods give the car a mean looking stance; and tapered rails on top of each side provide better over all stability. The new A2 proves it self on a variety of surfaces ranging from smooth, to blown out "true off road" tracks.  The A2 Tactic body comes in clear, ready for paint. Window masks and stickers provided. The new A2 Tactic is designed specifically to increase the SRX8's performance and a perfect mach when your looking to edge the competition. Made in the U.S.A. by Leadfinger Racing.

*New A2 design
*Widened cab with traditional Assassin look
*Less rear down force
*Low profile stance
*Perfect option for high grip, smooth and blown out tracks
*Comes in clear, window masks provided
*Made in the U.S.A. by Leadfinger